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Mobile home in Croatia:
Live Your dreams with Island of Heron!

Discover the charm and magic of mobile homes in Croatia!

We invite you to discover the extraordinary enclave of peace and beauty on Island of Heron. Here, nestled among the trees and just a few steps from the sound of the waves, our charming Mobile Home houses await you.

Imagine a morning breakfast overlooking the blue sea, moments of relaxation in the shade of olive trees, and endless summer evenings spent on your own terrace. This is the perfect place for a vacation retreat for you and your family.

Or perhaps you’re considering an investment? The Croatian coast continually attracts tourists from all over the world, making our houses an attractive source of income.

Don’t wait! Discover Island of Heron and make your dream of a seaside cottage come true.

Why is it worth investing in a house in Croatia?

Investment for a lifetime

Our summer houses are not only a place for carefree vacations, but also an excellent investment for a lifetime. Enjoy the privacy and independence that our comfortable houses provide, which you can call your own.

Paradisiacal beaches and the Blue Adriatic Sea

Get ready for unforgettable experiences! Our summer houses are situated in close proximity to heavenly beaches and the blue Adriatic Sea. Indulge in swims in the crystal-clear waters that will enchant you with their vibrant turquoise hue.